How Ingredients are Boycotted - Kuala Lumpur - Pietro Paganini

How Ingredients are Boycotted – Kuala Lumpur – Pietro Paganini

The ideology of food risks reducing our freedom of choice and erasing the variety of diets on which human diversity is based. There will also be dramatic economic consequences. We are being pushed towards the universal diet, or what I call the ‘food iPhonenization,’ a taste with specific ingredients that are supposed to be suitable for everyone.

But the one-size-fits-all approach of the universal diet will not solve the problem of malnutrition and obesity. It will not even solve the problem of sustainability. On the contrary, it will limit our freedoms, and homogenize the diversity of the human species, to the advantage of a few multinational corporations that achieve perfect economies of scale by doing so.
The universal diet discriminates against traditional ingredients in favor of others, without allowing consumers to choose. In fact, the Universal Diet is not chosen by consumers but imposed on them through global public policies.

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How Ingredients are Boycotted

This is the concept I expressed during the 10th International Planter Conference held in Kuala Lumpur.


Here is a brief summary of my intervention: 
  • The problem of poor nutrition and related diseases such as obesity is alarming. 
  • An alliance has been formed for political and commercial purposes between certain productive and industrial forces, interest groups, NGOs, and political groups to solve it. 
  • They use science not as an experimental method to solve problems but as an ideological tool to impose a lifestyle. 


  • They have invented the Universal Diet, a diet that is supposed to be suitable for everyone, and they want to impose it globally. 
  • This diet discriminates against many healthy and sustainable local ingredients. 
  • I analyzed the case of palm oil, which is an ingredient that contributes to the food security of at least 4 billion people. 
  • It provides employment for millions of workers across the equatorial belt, from Asia to America. 
  • I demonstrated how palm oil has been unjustly boycotted.


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How Ingredients are Boycotted – Kuala Lumpur – Pietro Paganini