A Call for Revolutionary Change in EU's Obesity Policy pietro paganini no nutriscore personalized diet
A Call for Revolutionary Change in EU’s Obesity Policy – European Parliament – Pietro Paganini
In a collaborative effort to address a critical health issue, we joined forces with Competere.eu and MEP Rosa D’Amato from the Greens to organize and moderate a significant roundtable discussion at the European Parliament. Our focus was on identifying actionable strategies to combat the obesity epidemic—a challenge that continues to confront Europe and the world.
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A Call for Revolutionary Change in EU’s Obesity Policy 

The event, titled “Obesity: The Invisible Pandemic,” served as a converging point for distinguished experts including Michele Carruba from the Università degli Studi di Milano, Luc VAN GAAL from the University of Antwerp, Donatella Saccone from the University of Gastronomic Sciences – Pollenzo, Ascensión Marcos Sánchez, and Sara Lamonaca from FoodDrinkEurope. The discussion illuminated the intricate and diverse causes of obesity, ranging from individual lifestyle and dietary habits to broader global environmental influences.


Throughout our conversations, it became evident that the existing EU strategies, particularly the front-of-pack labeling system, fall short in effectively addressing the complexities of obesity. There is a pressing need for the European Commission to implement a more comprehensive and scientifically substantiated approach to tackle this pervasive health issue.


As we deliberate on future policies, the potential for personalizing diets emerges as a promising avenue. This approach not only empowers individuals by enriching their knowledge and choices regarding nutrition but also aligns with the advancement of science and technology that can lead to a healthier society.

Call to Action

The time for action is now. We must leverage cutting-edge science and innovation to pave the way for a healthier future. We urge the European Commission to reconsider its current strategies and adopt a holistic, science-driven framework that truly addresses the multifaceted nature of the global obesity crisis.

A Call for Revolutionary Change in EU’s Obesity Policy – European Parliament – Pietro Paganini