Redefining the Future of Agriculture and Food A Critical Dialogue at the European Parliament pietro paganini
Redefining the Future of Agriculture and Food: A Critical Dialogue at the European Parliament
In a world where the essence of sustenance is often taken for granted, the agricultural and food sector stands as the bedrock of our survival, providing the balanced, high-quality diet that fuels our days.
Recognizing the pivotal role this sector plays, not just in nutrition but in the broader socio-economic landscape, I recently had the privilege of organizing, moderating, and participating in a seminal event at the European Parliament— an informal roundtable discussion hosted by the European People’s Party and Competere. This gathering brought together 15 leaders and a wider audience from the agri-food industry, each a champion in their realm, to delve into the sector’s current challenges and opportunities.

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Redefining the Future of Agriculture and Food

Our conversation centered on a critical mission: to reinvigorate the agricultural and food sector’s value chain, reinstating its significance within political agendas. As the backbone of our very existence, this sector deserves not only recognition but a unified approach to tackle the myriad challenges it faces.
This roundtable acted as a catalyst for a broader movement, sparking a call to action that will soon culminate in a pledge. This pledge is not just a document but a declaration of intent, set to be shared with political groups and candidates dedicated to representing European citizens in the Parliament and the Commission. Our goal? To ensure that productivity, competitiveness, and exports are prioritized in the European Union’s strategy for the next five years.


The discussions highlighted a crucial realization: the recent focus on environmental sustainability, albeit well-intentioned, was marred by a reliance on ideological policies lacking in scientific foundation. These policies, while aiming for a greener future, inadvertently overlooked potential negative consequences, leading to dramatic ramifications. It is evident now more than ever that we must seek a balance—aligning the urgent need to address climate issues with the imperatives of economic and social sustainability, and, fundamentally, resilience.


This event was more than just a meeting; it was a moment of exchange and reflection, offering a chance to recenter the agri-food supply chain. A sector too often fragmented, now on the brink of finding its unity.
Stay tuned for the pledge. As we move forward, let’s come together to redefine the future of our food and agriculture, ensuring it can sustainably support the generations to come.

Redefining the Future of Agriculture and Food: A Critical Dialogue at the European Parliament