Palm Oil Rising Stars - Sustainable Nutrition Platform PIETRO PAGANINI

Palm Oil Rising Stars – – Pietro Paganini

In light of current crises, including rapid climate change, drought, war in Ukraine, and supply chain disruption, food security is under serious threat in many countries – in Europe as well as in developing countries. This is true not only for wheat but also for other commodities that are critical to a healthy and balanced diet, including vegetable oils. Fortunately, there are supply chains such as sustainable palm oil that ensure a continuous supply.

On July 12th, I chaired a roundtable hosted by the Sustainable Nutrition Platform at Competere, to demonstrate that the palm oil supply chain is not only sustainable but also resilient, Rising Stars: How the Resiliency of the Palm Oil Supply Chain Ensure Food Security.

  • Palm oil is produced in a variety of reliable and stable countries.
  • These countries have heavily invested in quality and sustainability.

During the roundtable an enlightened panel from Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nigeria demonstrated this.

Palm Oil Rising Stars

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Alphonsus G. Inyang, National President, National Palm Produce Association of Nigeria (NPPAN)

Angela Alvarez, Technical Director, Propalma Ecuador

Juan Fernando Lezaca Mendoza, Director of Institutional Affairs, Fedepalma

Karen Rosales, Executive Director, Grepalma


Pietro Paganini, President,


Speakers Bio 

Alphonsus Inyang

is the Group Managing Director of The Hebron Group of Companies and 4th President of the National Palm Produce Association of Nigeria (NPPAN), a position he currently occupies. A Community & Public Policy Development Expert, Mr Inyang is a dynamic administrator, result oriented entrepreneur and prolific deal-maker with sound professional knowledge and experience with outstanding accomplishments in his career, business establishment and other corporate ventures. Alphonsus is actively involved in organizing people in the following associations among many others: NPPAN, as National President and NACOPPMAN, as Chairman, Board of Trustees. He is a Fellow, Charted Institute of Management Consultants (UK), Fellow, Institute of Management Specialists (London), Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administrators (Nigeria) among others.

Angela Álvarez

Agroindustrial Engineer from the National Polytechnic School of Ecuador. She has executed cooperation projects for the development and improvement of the quality of life of small producers. Angela worked in the National Program of Inclusive Rural Businesses of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. She then supported in the Subsecretary of Marketing of the Ministry where she was linked as a technician of the palm oil chain and other products. In March 2020, she joined the team of the National Federation of the Palm Oil Productive Chain – PROpalma as Technical Director, supporting the generation of information for members and other national issues related to the sector.

Juan Fernando Lezaca Mendoza

Industrial Engineer from Universidad de los Andes with a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Business Development from the Monterrey Institute of Technology. During his career he has led several organizational transformation processes in public and private entities. He was assistant administrative and financial manager of Fedegán (National Cattle Federation), human resources manager of Bureau Veritas Colombia and for the last seven years has been responsible for leading the representation and stakeholder management and member service processes at Fedepalma.

Karen Rosales

Executive Director of Guatemala Palm Oil Growers Association – GREPALMA. She has a Master’s Degree in Business with a specialization in International Business Administration. Because of her strong interest in sustainability, she got a Specialization in Human Rights, companies, natural resource extraction and sustainability policies. Actual member of the Agroindustrial Council of the Chamber of Agriculture of Guatemala and Vicepresident of the Central American Association of Oil Refiners and Producers. She is a Lead Auditor in the Principles and Criteria of RSPO 2018.

Palm Oil Rising Stars  – – Pietro Paganini