The Dramatic Impact of Marketing Tricks on Sustainability - Pietro Paganini IPOC 2021 GAPKI paganini non ripete

The Dramatic Impact of Marketing Tricks on Sustainability – Pietro Paganini

I took part to the Indonesian Palm Oil Conference 2021 (IPOC) annually held by GAPKI, The Role of Palm oil Industry, Towards Sustained Economic Recovery (March 1). 
I gave a talk in the plenary session: I explored the role of Free From Claims and the negative impact of Palm Oil Free From Claims on sustainability, SDGs, prosperity and development. My argument is that Palm Oil Free Claims are used to mislead consumers over the unjustified and unscientific fear of palm oil impact on health and the environment. As unintended consequence they cause loss of land and biodiversity

My talk discussed the role of Free From Claims and the commercial campaign against palm oil represented by palm oil free claims. I have shown all the real numbers about the impact of palm oil free claims.

Here a summary of my first part on free from claims. All data on palm oil free claims and on the impact of the negative commercial campaign against palm oil cannot be made public. If you hare interested, contact me here >>>


  • Free From are foods made without a specific ingredient. They are suitable for whom suffers allergies, intolerances, or other health related issues. They are available for whom does not suffer any allergy, intolerance, etc.
  • The absence of a (denigrated) ingredient makes consumers believe the product is better. 
  • The Absence communicates quality, healthiness, sustainability. 
  • Free From claims are used to condition consumers behaviour capture their purchase intentions. 
  • Free From claims could be misleading. They deceive consumers playing on their expectations and fears. They are used for commercial purposes.

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I have shown all numbers of the palm oil free claims negative commercial practice. The number of free claims in Europe and in each European country. I have also showcased my most recent studies on the palm oil free claims. I demonstrate that the absence of palm oil does not improve any quality, health, or sustainability. 

The Dramatic Impact of Marketing Tricks on Sustainability – Pietro Paganini