Calling the G7 to Action Against Obesity pietro paganini

Calling the G7 to Action Against Obesity –

In a significant collaborative effort, we at Competere, together with the Center for Study and Research on Obesity, have taken a bold step toward addressing a pressing global health issue. We have sent a detailed letter to the G7 leaders meeting in Italy this weekend, urging them to recognize and prioritize obesity as a critical agenda item in their upcoming summit discussions.
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Calling the G7 to Action Against Obesity

As we stand at the precipice of a global health crisis, the time to act is now. Obesity has long been overshadowed by other health priorities, but the scale of its impact on public health, the economy, and social structures can no longer be ignored. Our initiative underscores the urgent need for comprehensive and innovative strategies to tackle this epidemic.


The letter to the G7 leaders details the shortcomings of current obesity policies and the necessity for a strategic overhaul. Despite various interventions, such as Front-of-Package Labeling (FoPL), the obesity rates continue to soar, imposing immense burdens on healthcare systems, economies, and societal welfare. Today, over a billion people worldwide are living with obesity, and without significant changes, this number is expected to grow exponentially. The projected economic impact is a staggering $4.32 trillion by 2035, comparable to the financial toll of COVID-19.


We advocate for a multifaceted and personalized approach in our correspondence, emphasizing the importance of culturally sensitive, scientifically supported interventions that address the complex interplay of dietary, lifestyle, socioeconomic, and genetic factors contributing to obesity. Our goal is to move beyond superficial measures, promoting a deeper, more effective strategy that empowers individuals and communities to adopt healthier lifestyles.


As we approach the G7 Summit, our dedication to influencing global health policies is stronger than ever. We are excited to engage with international leaders and introduce innovative proposals that tackle this pressing issue head-on.

Calling the G7 to Action Against Obesity –