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Empowering Consumers in God’s Name – Acton Institute – Pietro Paganini
We need to improve nutrition and ensure everyone has access to a balanced diet to reduce malnutrition and obesity. We need to produce food nutrients and K/Cal sustainably. To do this, we need to empower citizens to choose freely through knowledge and critical thinking. Therefore, we must avoid falling into the ideological trap of a universal diet.

This is the summary of my speech at the Economics and Entrepreneurship Symposium: Principles, Virtues, and Practices, organized in Florence by the Acton Institute and the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum.

Empowering Consumers in God’s Name

There is no recording of my speech addressed to religious and lay students from all over the world. However, I remain moved by the emotion these young people, who have chosen to dedicate their lives to meditation and helping others, conveyed to me by listening to my arguments. I invited them to use science, knowing that they are men of faith who have trusted God first and foremost. I urged them to follow critical thinking to broaden our knowledge and find more effective solutions to problems related to environmental sustainability and positive nature, or obesity and related illnesses.


During my speech, I addressed the following topics:

  • The problem of obesity and malnutrition and the impact it has on the environment as well as the economy.
  • The problem of producing nutrients sustainably.
  • Avoiding relying on ideology and/or simple and definitive solutions to critically address the change that humans are called to face daily.
  • The concept of a universal diet and why it is dangerous.
  • Individual citizens must be able to choose freely to promote their diversity and not be subjected to a universal diet.
  • A universal diet does not solve the problems of obesity and sustainability because it does not address them.
  • The value of diversity, which is the cornerstone of knowledge.
  • Critical thinking that individuals can acquire through knowledge is the way to improve their health condition and better coexist with the environment by safeguarding biodiversity.


It was a wonderful experience that also allowed us to address themes of life, what man is, and his knowledge in making free choices.

Empowering Consumers in God’s Name – Acton Institute – Pietro Paganini