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Nutriscore is Obsolete – Empowering Consumers – European Parliament

More than 200 people joined a high-level panel of distinguished scientists and analysts to discussed the reform of the front-of-pack nutrition labelings. 
The roundtable is organised by Competere, Renew Europe and Ciudadanos at the European Parliament. 
I had a pleasure to give a talk and moderate a panel of distinguished high profile speakers discussed the European Commission attempt to review regulation 1169/11 to adopt a mandatory front-of-pack nutritional label by the end of 2022, as part of the broader Farm to Fork Strategy.
Prof. Michele Carruba (University of Milano), Prof. Ramon Estruch (University of Barcelona), Veronique Willem (SMEs United), Horst Heitz (European Tax Payer Alliance), Prof. Madalina Balau (Danubius University), Jordi Canas (Renew Europe), Herbert Dorfmann (European People Party), Giorgios Kyrtsos (Renew Europe). Visit Competere‘s platform for all the information, bios, media publications, material here >>>
Here you can watch my talk. 
Watch the full event here

Nutriscore is Obsolete

The roundtable presented science-based arguments to help policymakers produce public policies that will enhance individual liberties and the freedom of choice, advance knowledge and individual critical thinking, strengthen free trade, protect local diets and traditions, and promote a healthy and sustainable diet. 
FoP labels are important tools because they can either determine or condition consumers’ behaviour and freedom of choice. They can direct or empower consumers. Behind FoP there’s a philosophical interpretation of the roles the State and citizens play. 


The roundtable helped participants understanding the science (nutrition, economics, philosophy) behind the FoP reform. Particularly it provided an in-depth analysis on the following topics:
  • The most recent findings in the science of nutrition.
  • What science behind the different FoP labels schemes.
  • The impact of FoP labels on trade and free market.
  • What role EU public policies in fighting obesity and related diseases.
  • The link between FoP, knowledge and critical thinking.
  • The philosophy behind the FoP labels.

Download the slides presented. 

Nutriscore is Obsolete – Empowering Consumers – European Parliament