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Vaccination Successes and Failures – Austrian Economics Monthly – Pietro Paganini

With we have organised an online discussion about the vaccination plans implemented in the European Union and the US. Watch the webinar here on the Austrian Economics Center website >>> or here below. The webinar is part of the Austrian Economics Monthly organised by and the Austrian Economics Center

 Watch the video here on YouTube >>> or here after

Vaccination Successes and Failures

So far, the vaccination campaign has been anything but the success story the European Union had hoped for. There are responsibilities for this in Brussels, but also complex industrial and political realities that explain the current predicament.

Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States are leading on vaccinations on a global scale, having inoculated between eight and three times more than the EU. Many EU countries, such as Italy and Germany, are still trying to catch up and accelerate the pace of vaccination. What are the differences between UK and US approaches and the EU’s members ones? Is it just a matter of vaccines’ purchase and supply chain or there’s more behind that? 



Barbara Kolm, leading female libertarian in Europe, Vice President of the Austrian Central Bank, Director of the Austrian Economics Center, and President of the Hayek Institut.

Keith Miles, Chartered Accountant of over 40 years experience who has worked in the public and private sectors. He has worked in multinational businesses on project appraisal, and international finance, including large property investments.

Philip Stevens, Executive Director of Geneva Network, which he founded in 2014. His main research interests lie around the intersection between international innovation, trade and economic policy.


Pietro Paganini, President and Curiosity Officer at Competere, Professor at Fox School of Business, Temple University of Philadelphia.

Vaccination Successes and Failures – Austrian Economics Monthly – Pietro Paganini