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Premio: Amico dell’Indonesia

Sono Amico dell’Indonesia!!! Sono stato premiato dall’Ambasciatore dell’Indonesia, Amico dell’Indonesia, riconoscimento per l’impegno nella promozione delle commodity indonesiane, ed in… Continue Reading

Palm Oil is Life: European Misconception

Palm Oil is Life New Video Released: European Misconception

Palm oil (PO) – see our dedicated page >>> – is an important food ingredient that ensures a HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS and SAFE DIET to billions of people worldwide.
Commercial ploys and deception lead consumers to believe that palm oil is bad for their health and environment, but this is simply not true.

There are a number of reasons people should not be boycotting PO, but instead investing in certified sustainable PO.

The PO supply chain is a GLOBAL BENCHMARK for sustainability. The PO industry is leading the way in the adoption of certification schemes and in the protection of biodiversity. The PO industry provides millions of jobs worldwide, particularly in developing countries.

PO promotes PROSPERITY, it enhances life conditions, and it fosters INNOVATION.

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Palm Oil is Life – New Video Released: European Misconception